Monday, 17 February 2020

Printforce - Biggleswade

We've recently installed a fantastic system for our friends at Printforce! Working with National Paper Recycling and Capital Compactors we had to overcome the challenge of various widths of 3 knife trims along with perfect bound binder dust and a guillotine, all for 24/7 production.
Incorporating our own design Rotary Separator, a trouser-leg diverter and full system filtration, coupled to one of our bullet-proof fans we met their brief.

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Proudly celebrating 20 years of Paramount

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


One of our most interesting jobs last year was in Poland. A major board company was in the process of setting up a brand new production facility and required a system capable of segregating their waste virgin and recycled board to maximise their waste revenue. The waste could be changed on any of their die cutter machines during the course of the day as new work was processed, so our system was designed utilising automated in-line shoe diverters (special diverters that don’t block), interlocked with the production machines. The die cutters were modern fast blanking machines that could strip and leave large skeleton waste, so as well as collecting the die waste via hoppers, the grip-edge waste had to be shredded via special inline shredders and delivered to the correct one of two new Paramount Rotary Separator mounted over compactors.  The conveying air was then filtered and returned to the factory. All external ducting was thermally insulated to save valuable heat in the eastern European winter where temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees.

Skeleton Trim

Our customer had a difficult problem removing stiff, thick, wide, continuous skeleton trim from his production machine.  In the past he had used very noisy granulators which besides the noise - which is an issue for everyone now, - were slow and struggled to keep up with the existing machines. This was going to slow the new fast machines down.  He asked us to come up with a solution.  We carefully sourced a partner to design a purpose built trim cutter which we tested before installation.  The new trim cutter was quick and reduced the webs of thick tough laminates into sizes small enough for reliable conveying with very little noise. The finished installation was so quiet it didn’t even require acoustic enclosures. The customer was not only delighted at the speed and lack of noise, but also the detail that had gone into the whole design. The skeleton is fed accurately ensuring seamless production and guarded to ensure no danger to personnel.

Book Manufacturing

We don't just deal with systems in new buildings. One of our clients - a manufacturer of Journals and Books - was struggling with an old inefficient system that quite frankly just didn't work. Paramount were called in and completely redesigned the system to maximise efficiency with additional capacity and fitted the entire system into the space vacated by the old system. The system now works and the client is very satisfied, commenting that she can't recall a production issue with the new system.

CO2 Extraction

As an addition to a large extraction system in an Aluminium Mill (more of that in a future newsletter), Paramount were asked to install a CO2 Evacuation System. This operates after a CO2 fire extinguishing system has activated. CO2, being heavier than air, collects in any low lying areas and as they had a large access trench under a crane assembly, the CO2 would fall to this point and not be easily removed. We had to install ducting along the length of the trench to evacuate it fully before personnel could regain access. The trench is fully cleared in 15 minutes.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Paramount are unique in being able to supply fully functional shredders to remove and destroy reject print copy at full press speed. These high speed units have been proven to handle a waste stream of up to 36,000 copies per hour of 72 pagination sections and are used during setting up and reel splices. Waste is automatically removed from the shredder by one of our waste extraction systems and conveyed to a compactor or baler via a Paramount Separator.

Carton Board

We have recently installed a system for one of Europe's largest producers of food cartons to receive and recycle waste from a new rotary die-cutter. In a "dump" scenario, the system had to be able to handle an instantaneous load of 1680 cartons and to enable this, an innovative pick-up was designed. A new Rotary Separator was utilised, along with a high capacity drop-chute diverter which could divert waste to one of two compactors. The conveying air was filtered and returned to the factory to save on heating costs.