Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Skeleton Trim

Our customer had a difficult problem removing stiff, thick, wide, continuous skeleton trim from his production machine.  In the past he had used very noisy granulators which besides the noise - which is an issue for everyone now, - were slow and struggled to keep up with the existing machines. This was going to slow the new fast machines down.  He asked us to come up with a solution.  We carefully sourced a partner to design a purpose built trim cutter which we tested before installation.  The new trim cutter was quick and reduced the webs of thick tough laminates into sizes small enough for reliable conveying with very little noise. The finished installation was so quiet it didn’t even require acoustic enclosures. The customer was not only delighted at the speed and lack of noise, but also the detail that had gone into the whole design. The skeleton is fed accurately ensuring seamless production and guarded to ensure no danger to personnel.

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