Wednesday, 18 May 2016


One of our most interesting jobs last year was in Poland. A major board company was in the process of setting up a brand new production facility and required a system capable of segregating their waste virgin and recycled board to maximise their waste revenue. The waste could be changed on any of their die cutter machines during the course of the day as new work was processed, so our system was designed utilising automated in-line shoe diverters (special diverters that don’t block), interlocked with the production machines. The die cutters were modern fast blanking machines that could strip and leave large skeleton waste, so as well as collecting the die waste via hoppers, the grip-edge waste had to be shredded via special inline shredders and delivered to the correct one of two new Paramount Rotary Separator mounted over compactors.  The conveying air was then filtered and returned to the factory. All external ducting was thermally insulated to save valuable heat in the eastern European winter where temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees.

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